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Feel More Reassured


Introducing Full Hybrid Insurance, an innovative new insurance solution from Lexus Insurance Services – designed specifically for Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid owners and available for cars like the NX 350h luxury SUV. A further expression of our unique ‘Omotenashi’ ownership experience, Full Hybrid Insurance not only protects your car, it also encourages you to make the best use of your hybrid and rewards you for driving safely in EV (electric vehicle) mode with real savings on your insurance payments.
HOW DOES IT WORK? Because your Lexus hybrid has full DCM (Data Communication Module) connectivity, you’ll quickly learn how to drive in the most efficient way using the Lexus Link app. As well as ultra-smooth and responsive hybrid performance, you’re reassured that driving in EV mode is safer for you and better for the environment. Thanks to Full Hybrid Insurance from Lexus Insurance Services, it’s also kinder to your finances. Based on the proportion of kilometres you drive in zero-emissions EV mode, you will be rewarded with a reduction on your insurance renewal premium.
HOW DOES IT BENEFIT YOU? Put simply, the more kilometres you drive in EV mode, the more you save — because we understand that a smoother hybrid driver is also a safer driver. Watch as your electrified driving style evolves over time and you feel part of a new future: of safer roads, a cleaner environment and responsible driving pleasure.
Vehicles pictured and specifications detailed in this brochure may vary from models and equipment available in your area. Taking care of the environment is a priority for Lexus. We take many measures to ensure that during the lifecycles of our vehicles their environmental impact is minimised

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Printed in Europe, October 2021